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Richard Kessler, CEO having fun and dancing at his corporate holiday party

CEO, Richard Kessler having fun at his corporate event

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Holiday Party

DJ Carl can professionally provide a brand/organization easy listening background music to close on business deals with potential clients. He can also provide an atmosphere that makes attendees and their guests just want to DANCE. Many of Carl’s clients have trusted and hired him to provide “popular” background or “popular” danceable tunes. He GUARANTEES that your party clients will DANCE. Click to see the corporate events packages. DJ Carl is a true musicologist, expert pro DJ, MC and events manager. He loves to travel to produce special events all over the world.

Brands who have trusted DJ Carl

Here is a list of past clients who have trusted DJ Carl for their holiday parties, corporate events, meetings, conferences, conventions and special events.

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National Recording Artists at your Corporate Concert

Corporate Events DJ

music DJ headphones Want a celebrity at your event? (Listen Now)

(DJ Carl voice-over: Hire a National Musician(s) for your Sales Conference
For Promotional Use Only: Gorillaz f. DJ Carl “19-2000 Soulchild Remix”)

Programming music for different corporate events

What makes DJ Carl different than all the other DJ/MC hosts out there?
DJ Carl pays attention to your event details. He understands how to mix a variety of music genres (Musicologist) so that the event flows (Events Manager) and makes sense. For example, he will not play/mix Justin Bieber and One Direction for a convention of primarily male engineers from Texas. His song selections will probably be from the likes of a Kenny Chesney or Bob Seger. In all likeliness, these male engineers from Texas will not DANCE so background listening tunes will be just fine for them to have a positive networking experience.

music DJ headphones Music for mostly Male Engineers Conference?

(DJ Carl voice-over: The type of music Carl “may” play for Male Engineers from Texas Conference
For Promotional Use Only: America f. DJ Carl “A Horse with No Name”)

Additionally, DJ Carl has the experience and talent to rotate the dance floor. He works with the other vendors (teamwork) so that they can do an excellent job for you too. His ultimate goal is to ensure that great music is played at the right volume giving those who like to DANCE the opportunity to do so.

Fidelity National Title letter

Holiday party thank you card from Fidelity National Title client

Finally, DJ Carl will personally beat-mix (Expert pro DJ) a variety of music styles and will make all the necessary professional microphone announcements at your corporate event without worry GUARANTEED. Here are some sample mixes:

music DJ headphones Funk Music Mix (Listen Now)

(Medley Mix – Funk music you can hear at your event party.
For Promotional Use Only. Wait to load then turn your headphones on for 16 min)

music DJ headphones 80′s Rock Music mix (Listen Now)

(Medley Mix – 80s Rock music you can hear at your event party.
For Promotional Use Only. Turn your headphones on for 7 minutes)

Read 8 Testimonials from Past Corporate Events

Ritz-Carlton testimonial

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Area VP, Ritz-Carlton Mark J. Ferland endorsement

Hearmusic DJ headphones Lenny Kravitz “American Woman”
Jay Z “Somewhere in America
Tom Petty “American Girl”
James Brown f. DJ Carl “Living in America(DJ Carl voice-over) below:

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