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Digital Online Marketing and Digital Content

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Digital Online Marketing, SEO, and Social Media

When Carl Williams decided to build his DJ music website, DJCarl.com© back in 1997; he literally taught himself HTML, search engine optimization (SEO), and digital online marketing techniques.

Having two degrees from Penn State University, he realized that he had to get some more formal training. He attended New Horizons Computer Learning Center to further his knowledge with the support of his West Indian parents.

Read Carl’s bio | or check out his professional resume.

Pro DJ Carl realizes that building a website was not enough to drive traffic and sales to his online site. One would have to optimize and promote their brand and add updates to the website based on the data metrics. This was the start of something special.

Carl works with many small/medium sized businesses who have great-looking websites. Those same great websites are not optimized to be found in Google, Yahoo! or Bing search results (SERPs). He helps businesses with their online branding so that they can stand out from the massive, saturated online competition that exists everywhere.


Saturate the Internet with relevant content.

The Doctors TV show

Marcella who appeared on The Doctor’s TV Show:

marcella cardinal image“I’m not naturally a technically-savvy person, but find myself needing to be one in order to keep up with the demands of the online world so that my business can grow. Although this is something I find overwhelming and confusing, DJ Carl really explains it in such a way that makes it interesting and fun! I can already see the traffic increasing to my website and that was with only a small fraction of the optimization done. I’m super happy and thankful to have someone with such knowledge and patience help me. Thank you DJ Carl!!!” Call Marcella today – 310-428-5893

Digital Online Marketing Services:

Before we can start a beneficial business relationship, we both have to do our homework.

Come to the initial meeting ($75.00 for 2 hours meeting – make PayPal payment below) with the answers to these questions, then we should be able to start working on driving traffic to your website very quickly!

  1. What are your digital online marketing needs, desires, concerns or problems?
  2. Who is your target audience(s)?
  3. What is your message to your audience(s)?
  4. Who is your competition?
  5. Do you own the URL? (Evaluate registration information for your website)
  6. How was the site built? – WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, custom CMS?
  7. Is your site optimized to be found in search queries? (Analyze On-Page SEO metadata: URL, titles, descriptions, tags, content, etc)
  8. Is your content optimized? (Analyze editorial text, links, and rich-media, i.e., images and videos)
  9. Do you have backlinks from high-value websites or blogs? Do you have reviews, citations or endorsements pointing to your web pages? Do you have bloggers, journalists or key influencers sharing your content on social platforms? (Analyze Off-Page SEO info)
  10. Once we have all this info, we will do keyword research for your landing pages, competitor analysis, improve (UX) navigations, improve picture and video tagging, and link authority. You should see changes occur to SERPs in 90-120 days.
  11. After that period, then we will be in a maintenance status where you can pay a monthly or yearly fee (Starts at $75.00/month or $800.00/year) to keep your images, videos, links fresh, fix re-directs, sitemap errors, duplicate content, etc.
  12. Train your team to make SEO, social media changes, and interpret your website metrics, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools or Moz Pro.
    (Tools are subject to change based on budget and marketplace)

Book a $75 for 2 hours meeting today!


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