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As mentioned in the above video; “Your family and friends rarely get an opportunity to DANCE and party together. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours planning this once-in-a-lifetime production. Yes, your wedding is a “LIVE” TV show production, but there are no rehearsals for your reception. Who do you trust?”

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Should you trust a DJ owner who sells you a great spiel, only to find out that they will send out one of their associate DJs for your wedding event?

DJ Carl advises you to be very cautious when you find yourself in this predicament. Be careful of broker DJ companies (DJ Carl voice-over) and GOOD LUCK in your wedding planning.

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Wedding planning is lot of work. There are so many DJs to choose from for weddings, which can make the DJ selection process overwhelming. DJ Carl’s advice is to select the DJ/MC who has provided you with enough “trusted content” so that your family can make the best educated decision for your special wedding day.

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6 Skills when considering a DJ/MC for your Wedding


  • (1) PERSONALITY – One of the most important requirements that you will need from your “DJ/MC” or “Band Leader” is someone who can make crisp, clear announcements, and communicate to your guests and vendors with a smile. Here are some fun messages about pronouncing names correctly:
    Rock Brides (DJ Carl voice-over)
    Hip-Hop Brides (DJ Carl voice-over)
    Also, let’s hope that whomever you get will not offend your guests or vendors on the microphone. Read this article about addressing important questions when researching for excellent DJ entertainment value:

Is your Wedding DJ in Sync with You?, part 1

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Is your DJ in Sync with you?, part 1
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Is your Wedding DJ in Sync with You?, part 2

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Is your DJ in Sync with you?, part 2
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  • Additionally, DO NOT let DJ company owners sell you on the idea that you need a two person team. Though two people in a team are great, you are probably getting two people who do not have enough (a) experience, (b) confidence or (c) good judgement to individually manage your wedding reception. A great DJ can (1) emcee, (2) beat-mix music (DJ Carl ReMix), and ensure your wedding (3) flows without an assistant.
  • (2) ANNOUNCEMENTS – It is important that your DJ/MC can pronounce names correctly (DJ Carl voice-over) as indicated earlier. When you speak or meet with your DJ/MC, ask them to vocalize how they would announce your wedding party introductions (DJ Carl voice-over). Again, DJ Carl always goes over name pronunciations before the wedding day and confirms those pronunciations on the day of the wedding with the bridal party members.The above wedding party introductions voice-over is from an actual wedding performed by DJ Carl. Here is the actual “Prep” wedding form (Wedding Questionnaire, page 1) that was used to make the announcements and set the timeline. This is the form and order of wedding day activities (Wedding Questionnaire, page 2) for this particular wedding. NOTE: This is a behind-the-scenes *RAW* perspective.

    DJ Carl spends hours strategizing with clients so that they are provided with the best and most balanced entertainment for their special day/night.

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  • (3) INTERACTION – Your extended family is meeting the other side of the family for the very first time at your wedding. The families come from different communities, cultures or speak a different language. Ensure that your DJ/MC can interact with your guests. Interaction does not mean getting out and showing folks line dances. A talented and experienced DJ entertainer can find energetic individuals (DJ Carl voice-over) within the crowd who love to DANCE and can lead your group.
  • Another technique is to communicate to the guests to show their love (DJ Carl voice-over) for the bride and groom to have a good time by getting up to DANCE with them. Ballads can also help break the ice. When it comes to interaction, your DJ/MC better have good judgement in reading your guests’ attitudes, behaviors, and perceptions. DJ Carl did his graduate thesis at Penn State on the effects of music on diverse adults.
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  • (4) MUSIC KNOWLEDGE – Every DJ/MC or band leader must have complete music knowledge. As families are becoming more diverse, it is important that your DJ knows the most popular songs from multiple genres to play at your wedding. If you hear from a broker DJ company that they have DJs that specialize in specific music genres, then you may need to continue your DJ search. Trust DJ Carl for your wedding song selections (DJ Carl voice-over).
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  • (5) FLEXIBILITY – People are complex. Sometimes they will not DANCE at your wedding because (1) it’s 11:00am in the morning, (2) there is no alcohol, (3) there may be no designated dance floor area, (4) or they are from a culture that does not allow public dancing. Whatever the reason, your DJ/MC should ask for requests and be able to play the best songs requested that will appeal to most of your guests. Sometimes a DJ/MC has to have good judgement to not play a song which may be unresponsive or offensive. Some songs are meant only for radio and will not inspire individuals to DANCE at your wedding. Your DJ has to be smart and flexible. S/he should be prepared, but must be open to real-time advice and requests.
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  • (6) MANAGEMENT – One of the biggest aspects of successful weddings is not the (1) gobo, (2) LED lighting or (3) photobooth. These products can add the “WOW factor” to your wedding, but your DJ/MC must have the (1) experience, (2) good judgement, and (3) professionalism to manage your wedding activities (Wedding Questionnaire, page 2) well. Ensure your DJ/MC can run your reception from introductions to the last dance providing a balanced mix of music, communications, and flow for your guests and other professional vendors. Check out DJ Carl’s Wedding Package.

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