Workers Compensation Institute Conference

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Eraclides, Gelman, Hall, Indek, Goodman, Waters & Traverso

Workers Compensation Institute Annual Conference

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Every year the law firm, Eraclides, Gelman, Hall, Indek, Goodman, Waters & Traverso hires corporate, Google DJ Carl© for the annual Workers Compensation Institute WCI annual conference at the World Center Marriott in Orlando.

It’s a high-energy event where partners and associates learn, network, dance and have fun with past, present, and future clients. Upon invite, one will find clients from insurance companies, medical centers, hospitals, underwriters, adjusters, and many more categories who come to the party suite to have a great time.

By far the Eraclides team believes in the balanced lifestyle; they work hard and play hard.

Eraclides Gelman Executive Team Members

Workers' Compensation Conference Orlando featuring the Eraclides Gelman team

Administrator, Annika Abrahamsson, Partner, Morgan Indek and COO, Rebecca O’Keefe

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DJ Carl© and A-Rod

Angela Keefe and DJ Carl©

Angela Keefe, Chicago Photographer and DJ Carl©

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