David Leadbetter

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Golf Instructor, David Leadbetter Birthday Party

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David Leadbetter’s home

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Sherrin Smyers’ friend Kelly Leadbetter (former pro golfer) wanted to surprise her husband for his 60th birthday party. The biggest concern was how where they going to keep him out of the house long enough to set-up the event? David’s actual birthday is in June, however, there was no way anyone in the Golf business would attend the milestone event during their peak time of the year.

With the help of Eventrics, the company owned by Aussie, Sherrin Smyers (former pro golfer) helped manage a surprise affair for David at his home on an usually cold night in December in Sarasota – Bradenton, Florida. Eventrics hired DJ Carl to program music for the Leadbetters’ family, friends, and clients.

The Leadbetters had a great time despite the cold weather because of the awesome people, tasty food, and great music. After the outdoor festivities, everyone was happy to gather inside the warm house for a tottie at the after-party.

Smyers, The Leadbetters and DJ Carl

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Sherrin Smyers, David Leadbetter, Kelly Leadbetter and DJ Carl

Hey, We’re having fun!

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Kelly Leadbetter and sister having fun! They were singing this song! (Just Kidding!)

Nick Price and DJ Carl

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Pro golfer, Nick Price and DJ Carl at the after-party

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