DJ Carl© DJ Packages

DJ Packages Breakdown

Every DJ package always includes celebrity DJ Carl© who will ensure the right music is played at the right time, professional announcements are communicated, and an efficient flow of music and events are executed.

Carl listens to your needs and prepares before your event, party or celebrity wedding to ensure the experience is positively memorable. Dancing will be the end result. Available for travel.

Here is a list of investment components:

  • Music Strategy | Consulting
  • Music Mixing | Blending
  • Voice Hosting (Emcee Announcing)
  • Positive Entertainment
  • Event Management | Flow
  • Teamwork with other vendors
  • Professional DJ equipment
  • Early DJ equipment set-up
  • DJ equipment breakdown
  • Liability Insurance

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DJ Carl© Corporate Event DJ Package

The corporate event DJ package is for brands/organizations looking for a personalized, professional brand music experience for people from all walks of life. DJ Carl© will:

  • Curate upbeat background “walking in” music and “dinner” music
  • Curate upbeat, clean “danceable” music (All types of music GUARANTEED)
  • Communicate professional announcements, promote sponsors, etc.
  • Ensure your corporate event flows
  • Provide LED monogram(s) (optional)
  • Provide interactive dancers (optional)
  • Type promo code: CORP300 in the contact form comments area to save $300
  • Go to corporate events page
  • Prices start at $1-$50 per guest (USD)

DJ Carl© Wedding DJ Package

This package is designed for the professional, educated or celebrity couple who is looking for a well-executed event that provides positive memories. Here is what you benefit if you hire DJ Carl© today:

  • Unlimited communications – Call, email or text. DJ Carl© will always contact you within 24 hours
  • Event strategy – DJ Carl© prepares 5-10 hours before every wedding to ensure entertainment excellence from the start to the end of the event
  • Name pronunciations – DJ Carl© will ensure bridal party names are pronunciated properly. This is very important to starting the reception. Here is an actual wedding introduction by DJ Carl©. Here is the actual wedding questionnaire prepared by DJ Carl© for the wedding
  • Emcee skills – DJ Carl© will ensure from start to finish which includes intros, first dance, parents dances, cake cutting, anniversary dance, bouquet & garter, special dedications, request shout-outs, etc. that announcements will be clear and professional
  • Song selections – DJ Carl© will strategize the best radio-edited (clean) music that will suit your various guests. The experience has to be upbeat, fun, and allows for guests to dance. Check out some of DJ Carl©’s DJ mixes
  • Opportunity to dance – The music will be so good that guests from young to mature will dance from start to finish GUARANTEED
  • Event execution – DJ Carl© will keep guests and vendors engaged in your wedding event experience. Sometimes, we need to change the timeline and everyone will know about the changes
  • DJ Carl© in a tuxedo and tie
  • Finally, DJ Carl© will not embarrass you, your family, friends or guests
  • Go to weddings page
  • Prices start at $1-$100 per guest (USD)

EXTRAS: (Prices are subject to change. Contact DJ Carl©)

  • Overtime = $300/hour. See payment options now
  • Additional pair of speakers = $100
  • Cocktail hour with reception DJ equipment = $100
  • ReMix a song = $250
  • Additional cocktail/ceremony DJ system = $500
    (w/ UHF hand-held wireless mic and mic stand)
  • Additional cocktail/ceremony DJ system with lavalier mic = $600
    (w/ UHF lavalier wireless mic for an officiant who is indoors)
  • Wireless DMX LED Uplighting that can change colors = Call
  • Monogram, pinspotting and texturing lighting = Call
  • Video screen and LCD projector = Call
  • Video screen and LCD projector with photo montage w/music = Call

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DJ Carl© School Dances DJ Package

The school dance DJ package is for elementary, middle or high schools looking for an engaging, professional DJ Carl© musical experience. He will:

  • Play radio-edited (clean) music
  • Play all types of music GUARANTEED
  • Communicate school announcements, promote positive messages, etc.
  • Communicate with the kids
  • Provide LED lighting for the dance floor area
  • Provide intelligent lighting (optional)
  • Provide (clean) music videos (optional)
  • Go to school dances page
  • Prices start at $1-$10 per student (USD)

DJ Carl© Mitzvahs DJ Package

This package is designed for the family who wants to produce an over-the-top extravaganza for their young man or woman. Here is what you benefit if you hire DJ Carl© today:

  • Orlando-based DJ Carl© as your Executive Producer
  • Pro emcee to run religious activities (Motzi, Kiddush, Candle Lighting, and Hora), announcements, and games
  • Interactive dancers
  • Intelligent LED light show
  • Two (2) video screens with LCD projectors
  • IMAG cameraperson to broadcast on video screens or Facebook LIVE
  • Party prop giveaways
  • Prices start at $1-$100 per guest (USD)

Mitzvah Google Review

Actual Google review


  • Add a celebrity recording artist, i.e., Drake or Rihanna to attend your mitzvah for a meet and greet or performance

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Travel Rider for DJ Carl©

Team DJ Carl© will ensure this is all set-up on your behalf. Just being transparent.

  • Draped 6 feet or longer DJ table (Setup 3-4 hours before start time of the event)
  • Two (2) dedicated 20-amps power outlets within 25 feet of DJ set-up table with clean power strips
  • DJ table next to “dance floor”, no tables between DJ table and “dance floor” (Here is a Bad DJ set-up example)
  • Two (2) powered speakers on tripods equally balanced on each side of the DJ set-up table with 2 RCA L/R output cables to link to DJ Carl©’s controller mixer
  • Electrical cords, floor taping to alleviate tripping and a professional presentation
  • Cart to roll DJ equipment to event location from ground transportation (If necessary)

Team DJ Carl© will make all of the travel arrangements.

  • Please provide 3 days/2 nights for DJ Carl©
  • Round trip ticket for DJ Carl©. He likes JetBlue or Delta
  • Hotel room at event location for DJ Carl©
  • Round trip ground transportation
  • Food and beverages. USA per diem rates
  • Entrance visas/work permits covered by client. DJ Carl© will arrive one day before event date

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