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Help for DJ Carl©’s Current and Future Clients

Here is information that will help you work with DJ Carl© who will design your customized brand music playlist.

Some of these items are strictly for clients who have signed a contract. DJ Carl© hopes that you will trust his experience, good judgement, and skills for your event, party or wedding.


Click this link –> DJ contract or the image below to see DJ Carl©’s contract for his professional DJ service. Once you send all your information including your physical address via the contact form, DJ Carl© will ensure that the actual contract is filled out properly and emailed or mailed to you ASAP. You can then scan the signed contract, email, or mail it back to DJ Carl©. Additionally, you can take a picture of the signed contract and text it back to DJCarl.com© Entertainment. NOTE: DJ Carl© no longer accepts faxes.

Contract Form

Wedding Questionnaire:

Click this link –> DJ wedding questionnaire if you have signed a wedding contract with DJ Carl©. This form will help him program and manage a stress-free, elegant, and fun wedding for you, your family, and friends.

Wedding Form

Rent DJ Equipment:

Click this link –> Rent DJ equipment to see DJ Carl©’s DJ equipment rental contract. He only rents DJ equipment and lighting in Orlando, Florida only. Fill out the contact form to rent today. For liability reasons, we will not rent DJ equipment unless you fill out a form. Thank you for your understanding.

Contact Information:

Text – #646-450-8470 (Leave a message for DJ Carl©)

E-mail[email protected]

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