Ines Di Santo Collection Fashion Show

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Ines Di Santo Collection

Ines DiSanto

Ines Di Santo had a new couture collection and wanted to showcase to the best vendors in Orlando. VIP wedding planners and guests got a first chance opportunity to see some of the most gorgeous wedding gowns for the upcoming year.

The evening was a 2-hours social affair that included cocktails, food from Arthur’s Catering and great music from DJ Carl (Musicologist). DJ Carl programmed an unique selection of tunes that provided a Brazilian lounge experience for all those who were invited. Here is the eclectic music he mixed LIVE. Enjoy the mixshow!

Wanna hear Brazilian music? (Listen Now)

(Medley Mix – Ines DiSanto show music you can hear at your next international trunk sale.
For Promotional Use Only. Turn your headphones on for 18 minutes)

  • Rosalia De Souza “Bossa 31” (DJ Carl promotion)
  • Nicola Conte “Bossa Per Due”
  • Ursula 1000 “Samba 1000”
  • Mangoheat “Mon Amour” (DJ Carl promotion)

Some of the other Partners for the event included:

Marissa and Solutions Bridal team

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photo: damontucci.com

Ines Di Santo Collection Bridal Models

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“Every Client is a Celebrity”
photos: Damon Tucci Photography

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(Listen to the fashion music while you browse these images)

VIP Wedding Planners and Guests

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photo: damontucci.com

ines disanto wedding planners

photo: damontucci.com

Thank you card from Sr. Bridal Stylist, Marissa

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Ines Di Santo collection fashion show card from Solutions Bridal

-Water f. Stefani Di Pierro “A Ra” (DJ Carl voice-over)
-Robin Thicke f. Mary J. Blige “Magic Touch”
-Frank Ocean “Thinking about You”
-Calvin Harris f. Ayah Marar “Thinking about You” (DJ Carl promotion) below:

(For Promotional Use Only. Buy songs on iTunes!)

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