One Ocean Resort Jacksonville NFL wedding

One Ocean Resort in Jacksonville

photo: damontucci.com

Deji Karim on the NFL Houston Texans

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One Ocean Resort

MacKenzie Lee Sparks and Abdul “Deji” Karim had their wedding reception at One Ocean Resort in Jacksonville, FL.

The NFL Running Back and his bride hired celebrity wedding planner, Sharia Riley. She designed an elegant, casino-themed wedding playground that brought diverse family and friends together for a fun-filled evening.

Damon Tucci provided the images and DJ Carl (Musicologist) kept the DANCE floor packed to the point of physical exhaustion.

Decor powered by Chic Event + Quest Drape

One Ocean Resort wedding decor

Chic Event Furniture and Quest Drape

Outdoor Ceremony at One Ocean Resort

Kenzie + Deji Karim's wedding ceremony

MacKenzie Lee Sparks + Abdul Deji Karim at One Ocean Resort

A Hip Wedding Party

Kenzie + Deji Karim's One Ocean Resort wedding

Kenzie + Deji Karim and wedding party in Jacksonville, FL

Celebrity Event Planner, Sharia Riley

Kenzie, Deji Karim and Sharia Riley

Happy clients, Kenzie, Deji and Wedding Designer, Sharia Riley

Hear their first dance music DJ headphonesGinuwine f. DJ Carl “Love You More” (DJ Carl voice-over) below:
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