DMX, wireless LED lights can provide a “calm” to “upbeat” mood for your event
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Rent LED Uplighting

championsgate resort lighting image

photo: carriewildes.com
Championsgate Resort LED Lighting, Name/Monogram & Cake Pinspotting (purple)

LED Uplighting Lights

DJ Carl is an award-winning music designer, emcee host, and event manager who loves to play music for all types of people. Music is a very important component to many things that we do in life. It helps us to relax, exercise, socialize and DANCE at parties.

Some of you may be looking for a calm musical mood. Others may be looking for an energized, upbeat mood that can be complimented with the right kind of lighting. DJ Carl Entertainment can offer both kinds of eco-friendly, moving, and perimeter uplighting/lighting moods.

As mentioned in the above video; ensure you can get lights that can change during an event. The lights that you rent should provide a smooth and relaxing mood for when your guests arrive to the venue.

Your guests will have to get acclimated to their surroundings, get a beverage and socialize with friends. As the event progresses, their moods will change.

They should become more excited and should be ready to have a great time if the right music is played and the right kind of LED lighting are used to help their experiences.

Who controls the lights at your venue?

(DJ Carl voice-over: Ensure you control your event room lights.
For Promotional Use Only: Laura Branigan f. DJ Carl “Dim All the Lights”)

“Every Client is a Celebrity”
photos: various photographers

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(Listen to the LED lighting remix while you browse these images)

Perimeter LED uplighting wall examples

Ritz-Carlton Perimeter Wall Lighting

dj carl ritz carlton uplighting image

photo: mikebriggsphoto.com
The Ritz-Carlton LED uplighting (blue)

Ritz-Carlton Birthday Party

LED lights that can help guests (young to mature) DANCE at your event (No sound video)

Holy Trinity, Agape Ballroom

dj carl holy trinity monogram image

photo: tabmccausland.com
Holy Trinity, Agape Ballroom wall LED lights (light purple) and name/date monogram

Grand Bohemian Hotel

chauvet 4 bar lighting image

Grand Bohemian Chauvet 4-Bar set-up and lighting (see colors in video below)

Chauvet 4-Bar Lighting Colors

Mention these lights to be added to your party, event or wedding for FREE! (No sound video)

DJ Carl Entertainment can offer:

  • Wall LED uplighting (LED fixture example)
    (DMX, wireless, dimming effects, 30 degree beam angle, 8-hrs battery life, smooth RGBA color mixing, etc.)
    (1) 12 LED Lights = $750
    (2) 24 LED Lights = $1,200
    (3) 30 LED Lights = $1,700
  • Customized Name, Initials or Date Monograms (Gobo) start at $400
  • Texturing lighting (wall/ceiling) start at $400
  • Cake pinspotting. (Contact form for a quote)
  • On-site technician to control the lights during the event = $400 (DMX software used)
  • Ritz-Carlton Diamond Lighting/Tech Package in (above first video) starts at $5K
  • All prices include delivery, professional installation, break-down, and pick-up

Hear “Lighting” themed music
– Cee Lo Green f. DJ Carl “Bright Lights Bigger City” (DJ Carl voice-over)
– Ellie Goulding “Lights
– Madonna “Ray of Light
– DJ Sharaz “Blinded by the Light(DJ Carl promotion) below:
(For Promotional Use Only. Buy songs on iTunes!)


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