Who are DJ Carl Clients?

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DJ Carl’s clients are:

  • Diverse
  • Professional
  • Sophisticated
  • Educated

Corporate Event for Hospitality Group

His clients want an:

  1. Experienced, professional DJ/MC who can keep an event fun. They do not want someone who is learning on the job. Be careful of music DJ headphones broker DJ companies.
  2. Event with a variety of music that is recognizable, popular and danceable, that includes ballads. music DJ headphones Trust DJ Carl for the right song selections.
  3. Emcee who can communicate the right message at the right time with the right tone and attitude. DJ Carl is a people person. Hear DJ Carl music DJ headphones motivate your guests.
  4. Event that is not boring where everyone is sitting at their tables not engaging and reading facebook posts on their smartphones.
  5. Individual who is organized, detailed, flexible and not embarrassing to your family, friends or brand.

“Every Client is a Celebrity”

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music DJ headphones Who are DJ Carl’s clients??? (Listen Now)

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DJ Carl (Musicologist) is an Equal Opportunity DJ/MC. His clients come from all walks of life. They are Arab, Asian, Black, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Multi-racial, Pacific Islander and White. They are young and mature, but most importantly they:

  • are looking for a professional MC/DJ who is elegant and fun.
  • want an experienced professional who will play music that most guests or attendees can dance to.
  • want a professional MC/DJ who can communicate and work as a team with other professional vendors.
  • want a professional who can control the flow of an event to ensure all those involved are having a great time.

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