Whose Wedding is it Anyway? Videos
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Whose Wedding is it Anyway?

Whose Wedding is it Anyway? on Esquire TV
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Google DJ Carl© curated the music playlists and provided professional announcements for two diverse couples to ensure the music is danceable, communications is constant, and coordination is efficient.

Music has the power to bring families and friends from different cultures together on the dance floor. Celebrity DJ Carl© has the skill to bring diverse people together from all walks of life to celebrate.

Season 06: Episode 10, “Alter Images”

As seen on TV, This Whose Wedding is it Anyway? episode on the Style Network, now Esquire Network features DJ Carl©’s client – Danielle Turley and Kingsley Clark. “The storyline twist is Kingsley plans their entire wedding.”

Kingsley recruits celebrity wedding planner and Master Bridal Consultant, Heather Snively of Weddings Unique to take pressure off his stressed-out bride at the Country Club of Orlando.

NOTE: The video clips appear in the order that they appeared on the E! television broadcast.

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“Every Client is a Celebrity”

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Season 04: Episode 06, “Egg Rolls, Enchiladas, Salsa ‘N’ Soul”

This Whose Wedding is it Anyway? reality TV episode features another one of DJ Carl©’s married couple clients. Chenenne Woods who has never been to a wedding needs help to create new traditions for her and her new husband, Juan Gonzalez.

Celebrity wedding planner, Heather Snively of Weddings Unique attempts to fuse two families’ traditions into one unique ceremony and reception. Orlando DJ Carl© did a fabulous job designing the music selections that appealed to all those whose attended including the vendors who worked the special event at the famed Isleworth Country Club.

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Hear celebrity DJ Carl© (See him in the background) in the 9th video clip executing the wedding introductions

“Every Client is a Celebrity”

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