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tracey manailescu danielle sunkel imageTracey Manailescu and Danielle Sunkel, (WPIC), Destination Weddings Specialists from Canada
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DJ Carl can travel anywhere in the world for your destination wedding, global corporate event or international private party. If you are looking for a DJ music designer, professional emcee, and exemplary event manager, then contact this Event Producer who can (1) “program and mix a variety of music”, (2) “professionally announce”, and keep your (3) “event running smoothly” (DJ Carl voice-over).

Who Do you Trust?

DJ Carl has traveled to:
(For destination weddings and corporate events)

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DJ Carl will provide:

  • Professionalism
  • Peace of mind, i.e., experience, good judgement, and talent (Critical Thinker)
  • Teamwork with the other professional vendors (Collaboration Skills)
  • Professional emceeing (MC) and announcements that are crisp, clear, and captivating (Interpersonal Skills)
    Carl has 10+ years introducing diverse wedding party members
    -(DJ Carl Prep Questionnaire) (Use this sheet as a guide while you listen to the wedding introductions)
    -(Wedding Introductions Example) (DJ Carl voice-over)
  • Professional DJ equipment (Denon mixer controller, wireless mics, MacBook Air, music, etc.)

Why DJ Carl at your Destination Wedding? (Listen Now)

(DJ Carl voice-over: Carl is an experienced music professional who loves to travel.
For Promotional Use Only: Daft Punk f. DJ Carl “Around the World”)

UK English Destination Wedding

Travel Rider for DJ Carl

Team DJ Carl will make all of the travel arrangements; you just pay the travel fee

  • Entrance visas and/or work permits covered by client. DJ Carl will arrive one day before event date
  • Please provide 3 days/2 nights for DJ Carl
  • 1 round trip ticket on Delta, JetBlue, or Southwest for DJ Carl
  • Ground transportation from airport to hotel and vice versa
  • Hotel room at event location for DJ Carl
  • If hotel is different than event location, then ground transportation would be appreciated

Team DJ Carl will ensure this is all set-up on your behalf. We are just communicating what is required

  • Draped 6 feet or longer DJ table (Setup 3-4 hours before start time of event)
  • 2 dedicated 20-amps power outlets within 25 feet of DJ set-up table with clean power strips
  • DJ table next to “dance floor”, no tables between DJ table and “dance floor” (Bad set-up example)
  • 2 powered speakers on tripods equally balanced on each side of the DJ set-up table with 2 RCA L/R output cables to link to speakers from DJ Carl’s Denon controller mixer
  • Black electrical cords, floor taping material to alleviate tripping and a professional presentation
  • Some type of cart, dolly, personnel, etc. to roll equipment to event location from ground transportation

Professional DJ Equipment for Destination Weddings

denon 6000 mixer controller image

DJ Carl travels with a Denon DN-MC6000 mixer and controller

Wedding Endorsement from NYC bride, Nicole

mexican destination wedding image

Nicole + David at Palace Resorts Isla Mujeres Mexico
photo: licensetostill.com

Destination Weddings Knot Review

Once you decide to hire DJ Carl for your destination wedding or event, his team will provide you with the total travel fee which has to be paid before your event begins. Thank you!

Make –> $1,000 credit card deposit. Balance is usually less than $5K.


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