Professional DJ Equipment

New York-based DJ Carl uses professional DJ equipment for your corporate event, celebrity party, or wedding. He knows that having the best tools allows him the opportunity to perform at a professionally high standard and with tremendous confidence!

DJ Equipment List

DJ Carl uses:

  • Denon DN-MC6000 / MC6000MK2 professional digital mixers and controllers
  • Denon DN-X500 professional club DJ mixer (back-up)
  • Denon DN-HC4500 USB midi/audio interface controller (back-up)
  • Numark NDX 400 tabletop scratch MP3/CD player with USB (back-up)
  • EV ZLX 2-way, 15 inch, active powered loudspeakers
  • Behringer Eurolive B215D 2-way, 550 watt powered speakers (back-up)
  • Mackie SRM450 2-way, bi-amp, active powered speakers (back-up)
  • Shure UT-series UHF wireless headset system (hands are free while Carl speaks)
  • Samson UHF series one true diversity wireless systems
  • Gizmolabs RPM DJ software (DOWNLOAD HERE)app store image
  • Virtual DJ software
  • LED Lighting (Scroll to bottom of page)
  • MacBook Air laptop / MacBook 3.1 laptop (back-up)

DJ software that DJ Carl uses for accurate beat-mixing

virtual dj software image

Virtual DJ software

Denon DN-MC6000 mixer and controller

denon 6000 mixer controller image

DJ Carl travels with a Denon DN-MC6000 mixer and controller

DJ Carl’s Attire & Setups are always Professional

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Denon DN-X500 mixer and DN-HC4500 controller

denon 4500 controller image

DJ Carl uses the Denon DN-X500 mixer and DN-HC4500 controller as back-up

LED Lighting for DANCE floor energy and excitement

Mention these lights to be added to your party, event or wedding for FREE! (No sound video)


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